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MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH designs and produces heavy duty vehicles of highest German  Quality to operate containers, semi-trailers, cargo/roll-trailers and special container chassis in ports and industry.

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MAFI Terminal tractors are operated by their valued clients who utilize these machines inflexible in highly demanding 24h/7 operations in their high performance global container terminals. Such demanding operations require prompt and effective constant support from MAFI to ensure minimum disruptions to port operations and maximum profitability.

MAFI also manufactures “ground handling equipment” for airports such as aircraft loaders for the loading and unloading of all types of aircrafts with luggage, pallets and containers of up to 30 t payload, aircraft pushers or catering vehicles for our sister company TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH.

MAFI was founded in 1957 by 3 brothers. In the 1960ies MAFI pioneered and invented the RoRo system (roll on/ roll off) and set standards for efficient and economic loading and unloading of ships.

All over the world rolltrailers became known simply as “MAFI’s”.

InfinOps is very honoured to be associated with MAFI Transport System and they symbolise quality and high performance which is also the values InfinOps aspire to achieve.

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