Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers LTD (DLT) – A short profile

DLT was established in Sri Lanka in 1992 manufactures trailers on-the-road and for port usage. Since then, DLT has now provided to more than 45 countries and has 30% market share in port trailers in Middle East and 65% market share in Road Trailers in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In 2009, DLT becomes a part of TATA Enterprises.

DL trailers 1 DL trailers 2

DLT has a highly competent and motivated Design and Development team in engineering and has been able to meet the high performance requirements of their customers at competitive prices.

Now DLT has a total of four plants with a total annual capacity of close to 6000 standard trailer units.

InfinOps has become a partner of DLT since 2013.

For more information on Dutch Lanka Trailer’s products, please kindly write to us at ge@infinops.com.sg

For more details, please click : http://www.dutchlankatrailers.lk/network.php