Sany Port Machinery Manufactures a complete range of port machinery, from Ship-to-Shore Quayside Cranes to Rail Mounted Gantry Container Yard Cranes to Reach Stackers.

Port Tyre Crane Sany Empty Stackers Sany Heavy Forklift Sany Reach Stacker Sany RTG Sany Sideloader Sany STS Cranes

Sany is one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in the world. Their Port Machinery Division is currently the market leader for Reach Stackers and Empty Container Handlers in China.

PT InfinOps worked together with Sany Indonesia since 2012, in promoting Sany Reach Stackers and Empty Container Handlers in Jakarta. PT InfinOps also provide after sales technical support to customers that have purchased Sany equipment in Jakarta.

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For any enquires regarding Sany Port Machinery in Indonesia, please contact us through